Bicera Explosion Relief Valves

Everyday, you’re hard at work, trying to deliver for your customers. And while you work, you’re trusting your equipment to work hard for you.

You pay attention to detail, prioritize safety, comply with regulations and ensure that your team is following industry best practices. But often, it’s the smallest things, the things you can’t see, that combine to create the biggest issues.

When the oxygen, heat and fuel in your engine collide, it can lead to a buildup of combustible vapors inside the crankcase that, with a source of ignition, can result in a potentially deadly and damaging explosion.

That’s why BICERA has been making the best in explosion venting protection to help ensure the safety of people and property for well over a half century.

The NEW Sigma for Hydrogen Explosion Relief Valve 

Ready for a New ERA of Green Energy?
  • The Sigma Valve allows for flameless venting of oil mists, methane, and now hydrogen. 
  • Intended for use in hydrogen applications, including reciprocating compression and combustion engines.  
  • Reseals after an explosion to prevent oxygen from re-entering and causing a secondary explosion. 
  • Features a stainless steel spring and flame arrestor for durability in harsh environments. 
  • Rapidly vents overpressure events within milliseconds.   

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New Sigma for Hydrogen

BICERA Sigma Valve Series 

Setting a new standard in explosion relief valves
  • Better protection against crankcase explosion*
  • Approx. 25% smaller*
  • Approx. 50% lighter*
  • Ultra-efficient flame arrester
  • Uses less material, so it does more, with less, offering you a better value
  • Smaller size valve equals more space on the engine
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Tested according to the IACS URM-66
  • Offers drop-in replacement for your current valves*
  • Lowest design ratio means fewer valves needed
  • Meets MAN specifications

*vs. the competition

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Sigma Valve

BICERA Legacy Valve Series

A proven, integrated safety solution
  • Quick pressure relief
  • Tested according to IACS URM-66
  • Featuring Viton® sealing components
  • Serviceable components
  • Available in four models to meet your assembly time and space requirements:

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Bicera Legacy
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