Introducing the New BICERA
Hydrogen Explosion
Relief Valve

Coming in 2023

The BICERA Hydrogen Explosion Relief Valve

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, we will need to develop new technologies to harness the power of sustainable fuel.

With its potential as a CO2-free fuel source and its ability to be stored, hydrogen (H2) is an integral part of the energy transition.

Hydrogen 2


The Fuel of the Future 

Hydrogen internal combustion engines are expected to play a large part in decarbonizing the maritime shipping industry. Our patented technology is designed to withstand the demands of hydrogen service.

Key Fuel Facts

  • Hydrogen flame fits through smaller gaps than methane, making it challenging to provide flame arresting.
  • The explosion potential for hydrogen is high. Concentrations in the air can ignite between 4% and 75%.
  • Hydrogen must supply around 15% of world energy demand by 2050
  • Currently, hydrogen’s main uses are for petroleum refining, Ammonia production, Methanol production, and Steel Production

The Hydrogen Revolution Happens Now

Join us on the frontlines of this groundbreaking shift to hydrogen fuel.

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