Preventing Locomotive Engine Crankcase Explosion

When you’re moving people and products by rail, the only priorities that rise above meeting your schedule are those that involve protecting the safety and security of your passengers, crew and cargo.

In today’s world, you have enough to worry about. You don’t need to add concerns over whether – or when – your rail operation will experience a potentially deadly locomotive engine crankcase explosion.

That’s why Penn-Troy and its BICERA Valve division have been making the best in crankcase explosion relief valves for more than a half century. It’s also why we’ve never stopped working to bring you an even better valve.
Thousands of BICERA Legacy crankcase explosion relief valves are in use on locomotive engines around the world today, protecting engineers and other crew members as well as rail passengers and cargo from the disaster, damage and delays associated with locomotive engine crankcase explosion. 

Today, we’re proud to bring you the most effective flame arrestor available anywhere, ever: the New BICERA Sigma Valve. 


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