BICERA Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves from Penn-Troy

By far, the industry’s best crankcase explosion relief valve.


  • Better.
    Stringent tests prove the BICERA Sigma Valve works better to protect people and property.
  • Smaller.
    Providing you with unprecedented engine design flexibility.
  • Lighter.
    Half the weight of current valves, to reduce the impact from vibrations.
  • Precise.
    Aligns perfectly with the mounting pattern of your existing equipment.
  • Efficient.
    Our design protects more while using less material, offering you more value.
  • Experienced.
    We made the world’s first crankcase explosion relief valve, and we have the best.




Size Matters.

Big Time.

That’s why the design of the ultra-efficient flame arrestor in the new BICERA Sigma Valve is so innovative. The Sigma valve:

  • Is nearly 25% smaller and almost 50% lighter*
  • Occupies less space in your inventory

And, for engine designers, the smaller, lighter BICERA Sigma Valve offers increased design flexibility

  • More space to add new features
  • Advantages for weight-sensitive equipment

* than competing valves

Size Comparison

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The New BICERA Sigma Valve – Available in 7 Industry-Standard Sizes

Featuring the ultimate flame arrestor, the new BICERA Sigma Valve crankcase explosion relief valve is available in seven industry-standard sizes to fit your engine and existing mounting pattern.

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