BICERA Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves from Penn-Troy

By far, the industry’s best crankcase explosion relief valve.


  • Better.
    Stringent tests prove the BICERA Sigma Valve works better to protect people and property.
  • Smaller.
    Providing you with unprecedented engine design flexibility.
  • Lighter.
    Half the weight of current valves, to reduce the impact from vibrations.
  • Precise.
    Aligns perfectly with the mounting pattern of your existing equipment.
  • Efficient.
    Our design protects more while using less material, offering you more value.
  • Experienced.
    We made the world’s first crankcase explosion relief valve, and we have the best.




Size Matters.

Big Time.

That’s why the design of the ultra-efficient flame arrestor in the new BICERA Sigma Valve is so innovative. The Sigma valve:

  • Is nearly 25% smaller and almost 50% lighter*
  • Occupies less space in your inventory

And, for engine designers, the smaller, lighter BICERA Sigma Valve offers increased design flexibility

  • More space to add new features
  • Advantages for weight-sensitive equipment

* than competing valves

Size Comparison

Directional Covers for Sigma Valves

Bicera Valve is happy to now offer directional venting covers for the Sigma series of valves for applications that require conformance to the API 618 standards. 

Directional Covers for Sigma Valves

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The New BICERA Sigma Valve – Available in 7 Industry-Standard Sizes

Featuring the ultimate flame arrestor, the new BICERA Sigma Valve crankcase explosion relief valve is available in seven industry-standard sizes to fit your engine and existing mounting pattern.

Line Card Diagram






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