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Introducing the New BICERA Sigma Valve Series of
Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves

Better. Smaller. Lighter. More Value. And featuring drop-in replacement.

There’s never been a better way to protect the people and property associated with your engine operation.

And, thanks to the comprehensive benefits that the new BICERA Sigma Valve Series of crankcase explosion relief valves offer over your current valves, you’ve never had so many reasons to switch. 

The New BICERA Sigma Valve Series is better than your current valves.

Stringent tests prove that the BICERA Sigma Valve is a better flame arrestor than other valves. Our proprietary technology offers better protection for your staff and equipment. 

It’s roughly 25% smaller.

Available in seven industry-standard sizes, each BICERA Sigma Valve is approximately 25 percent smaller than its corresponding equivalent. What does that mean for you? If you’re an engine designer, the BICERA Sigma Valve offers you unprecedented flexibility to add additional features. If you’re an engine owner, it means the Sigma valve's robust flame arrestor and low size-to-relief-area ratio provide more space on outside of engine.

Size Comparison

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Each corresponding-sized BICERA crankcase explosion relief valve is only about HALF the weight of your current valve. This offers significant advantages, especially for engine operations where weight is a significant factor. A lighter valve means a reduction in impact from vibrations.

Hot Air Balloon and container ship
Our ultra-efficient, proprietary design creates a more robust, better-performing flame arrestor, while allowing us to use dramatically less material. Because the new BICERA Sigma Valve does more, with less, it offers you more value.
Sigma Better Value

It offers direct replacement for your current valves.

Despite the fact that our valves are smaller and lighter than their counterparts in use in your current operation, they offer the convenience of direct replacement. Our industry-standard mounting pattern corresponds exactly with that of your existing equipment. Just remove your current valve, drop in the BICERA Sigma Valve, and attach it to your engine. It’s that simple.
Bicera Sigma Valve
Bicera Sigma Line Card


Bicera Sigma Valve

Greater protection for people and property. A smaller profile that offers greater engine-design flexibility and benefits weight sensitive operations. And superior technology that yields less material waste, all at a competitive price. What are you waiting for? Call us. 

Our online store features helpful information about model and part numbers to help you find what you need. 

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