The only thing you need to change — is your valves.

Perfect alignment with existing valve installations.

Despite the fact that the BICERA Sigma Valve is nearly 50 percent lighter – and 25 percent smaller – than your current explosion venting valves, it aligns perfectly with your existing sizing scheme and mounting pattern. That means you can just remove your old valves and insert the Sigma valve without making a single change to your equipment. That’s it.

Most important, the BICERA Sigma Valve's proprietary flame-arresting technology provides superior protection for people and property, more than any other explosion relief valve available. And, because its design offers a more efficient heat sink that uses less material, the Sigma valve does more with less, offering you more value.

With the new BICERA Sigma Valve, it’s clear that everything’s changed in the world of preventing crankcase engine explosions. But your equipment and mounting patterns can stay exactly the same.

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