Pressure Relief Safety Valve

You pay attention to detail, prioritize safety, and comply with regulations to ensure your team is following industry best practices. However, the buildup of combustible vapors inside the crankcase of your engine can result in disaster.

That's where the Bicera pressure relief valve comes in.
Our patented technology is designed to withstand the demands of your equipment.


What Is a Safety Relief Valve?

A safety relief valve is a crucial component in preventing potential disasters caused by the buildup of pressure in machines and equipment. Specifically, the BICERA Pressure Relief Safety Valve is a proven integrated safety solution that is designed to quickly relieve pressure, reducing the risk of an explosion in the crankcase of an engine. While it cannot completely eliminate the possibility of an explosion, the safety relief valve is an essential measure that minimizes the risk by preventing pressure from reaching dangerous levels. In summary, a safety relief valve is a vital safety measure that can help prevent catastrophic accidents in various settings.

How Does a Safety Pressure Relief Valve Work?

A safety pressure relief valve is designed to protect equipment by releasing excess pressure when the pressure reaches a pre-determined level. The valve is set to open at a certain pressure point, and when the pressure reaches that point, the valve will open to release the excess pressure and extinguish any flames. BICERA's Legacy safety relief valves include an oil-wetted flame trap to prevent the propagation of flames outside the crankcase in case of an engine explosion. The BICERA Sigma valves use a patented external flame trap to extinguish any flames that try to pass through it, thus preventing the spread of flames outside the crankcase. Additionally, certain models of BICERA valves, with doghouse risers, offer increased valve clearance to prevent the flame arrestor from interfering with the piston rods in the crankcase. This design feature ensures that the valves function optimally and provide the necessary protection for the equipment in potentially hazardous situations. Overall, safety pressure relief valves are a crucial component in protecting equipment and ensuring safe operation.

Where Is the Safety Relief Valve Usually Located?

Industrial engines have pressure relief safety valves. You’ll find one valve for every cylinder. BICERA pressure relief valves are smaller, so there is more space on the engine.

New BICERA Sigma Valve Series 

Setting a new standard in explosion relief valves
  • Better protection against crankcase explosion*
  • Approx. 25% smaller*
  • Approx. 50% lighter*
  • Ultra-efficient flame arrester
  • Uses less material, so it does more, with less, offering you a better value
  • Smaller size valve equals more space on the engine
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Tested according to the IACS URM-66
  • Offers drop-in replacement for your current valves*
  • Lowest design ratio means fewer valves needed
  • Meets MAN specifications

*vs. the competition

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Bicera Sigma

BICERA Legacy Valve Series

A proven, integrated safety solution
  • Quick pressure relief
  • Tested according to IACS URM-66
  • Featuring Viton® sealing components
  • Serviceable components
  • Available in four models to meet your assembly time and space requirements:

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Bicera Legacy

New BICERA Hydrogen Explosion Relief Valve 

The Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen internal combustion engines are expected to play a large part in decarbonizing the maritime shipping industry. Our patented technology is designed to withstand the demands of hydrogen service.

Key Fuel Facts
  • Hydrogen flame fits through smaller gaps than methane, making it challenging to provide flame arresting.
  • The explosion potential for hydrogen is high. Concentrations in the air can ignite between 4% and 75%.
  • Hydrogen must supply around 15% of world energy demand by 2050.
  • Currently, hydrogen’s main uses are for petroleum refining, Ammonia production, Methanol production, and Steel Productions.

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Hydrogen Explosion Relief Valve

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